High School Class

High School Class

38 Hour Class (High School Students)

30 hour courses for first time applicants and 8 hour behind the wheel instruction

Students must be at least 14 yrs and 9 months old to take class. Please be prepared to bring Birth Certificate to class. Student must also be in at least the 9th grade.


  • All necessary paperwork is included in classroom fees.
  • All students are able to receive a full refund up to 24 hours before first class starts. If class is canceled for any reason all money will be refunded.
  • All of our instructors are licensed and certified. Any student trained by an unlicensed instructor will be provided a full refund.
  • All students will be expected to adhere to a high standard of behavior.

- Cheating will not be tolerated. Students caught cheating will be removed from class.

- No electronic devices are allowed in class.

- Students are expected to attend all classes. Missed classes are rescheduled at the instructor's convenience.

- All students must obtain an 80% average in class and a score of 70% for the 8 hours of Behind the Wheel driving instruction in order to pass the class and get issued their Driver's Education Completion Certificate.

- 38 hour course fee will cover class and driving. (30 hour classroom and 8 hour driving.).

- Fees include one original and an additional Certificate of Successful Completion.

- There are no additional fees for the course. For example: There is no charge for the drop off or pick up of a student driver.

- All minor drivers will need Parent or Guardian consent for behind the wheel instruction. That is any one between the ages of 15 and 17.

- We will not issue any certificates until the student has met all requirements of course.

- This class will help students gain road and classroom knowledge necessary to becoming a good driver. However, this is not guaranteed.

38 HOUR CLASS - $550

ROAD TEST - $40 (Plus $40 Car Rental)
Total of $80 (as of Jan 1st 2024)

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